10 health benefits of tamarind ( imli ke fayde) - Disease care (diseasecares)

Who does not like sour tamarind which enhances the taste of dishes. Chattering children and girls are often seen eating it.  Not only this, many types of chutneys are incomplete without the taste of tamarind. But do you know that tamarind has many health benefits along with taste.


Know these health benefits associated with tamarind -

1. Apart from vitamins C, E and B, tamarind is also rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and fiber. There are also anti-oxidants present, which make it a healthy package.

2. Don't worry if you don't feel hungry, tamarind knows the way to your hunger. Mixing jaggery, tamarind anus, cinnamon and cardamom in a bowl of water, sucking little by little will open your appetite and you will be able to eat well.

3. Tamarnid is very beneficial in terms of keeping the digestive process fine. It contains a lot of fibre, which aids in the digestion process. Additionally, tamarind can be used to treat problems such as constipation and diarrhoea. It is also beneficial to grind tamarind seeds and drink the resulting powder with water.

4. If you are cautious about your weight, and want to lose weight, then tamarind can help you. In terms of weight loss, hydroxycitric acid is found in abundance in it, which increases the enzymes that reduce fat in the body.

5. Tamarind improves blood circulation and iron deficiency, resulting in increased production of red blood cells in the body and an increase in immunity.

6. Tamarind is very helpful even if there is a complaint of pain or burning in the eyes. When this happens, mixing milk with tamarind juice and applying it outside the eyes provides relief. Tamarind is effective even if there is itching in the eyes.

7. Tamarind seeds are very beneficial in the problem of diarrhea. Grind the dried seeds of tamarind and mix ginger powder in it and add butter and rock salt to it and drink it with milk, it is beneficial.


8. If there is a problem of piles, take oil and ghee in equal quantity and fry tamarind leaves in it. Taking tamarind pulp with porridge provides relief in bloody piles.

9. If there is any swelling in any part of the body, boil wheat flour, tamarind leaves, tamarind juice, a pinch of salt in a bowl and when this paste is ready, apply it on the swollen area only after it remains warm. 

10. In addition, tamarind is a good source of vitamin B complex, which aids in muscle growth. The thiamine present in it helps in smooth functioning of nerves and development of muscles.

11. By making a paste of tamarind bark and applying it on the face, facial freckles gradually reduce. In case of ear problem, mixing tamarind juice with oil and putting it in the ear is beneficial.

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