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Meditation-an- its-method-&-some-best-meditation-music-2021 - Disease care

In today's hectic life, there is the greatest lack of peace.  Human beings want to keep their mind calm but for a while only from the noise of this daily hustle and bustle.  By doing this he feels happy. Meditation can help you if you are stressed or unhappy. Meditation, in fact, is quite effective at calming the mind. If you keep your mind calm and happy, all of your problems will begin to solve themselves. This is why, today, people all over the world are attempting to keep their bodies and minds healthy through yoga and meditation. As a result, World Meditation Day is observed every year on May 15th. We're going to share with you everything we know about meditation and how it can help you.

 The Japanese's Zen and the Chinese's Chiyaan, both these words are abrogates of meditation.  Although it is known as meditation in the English language, the word awareness is closer to its meaning. The word of Hindi is close to it. Meditation's basic meaning is awareness, senses, witnessing, and visual sense.

 Definition of meditation

 Tatra Pratyayaktanata Dhyanam.  3-2 ..-Yoga Sutra

  •  That is, where the mind is engaged, the unity of the instinct in that is meditation. Bringing or holding the mind in one place is called Dharana, while Vritti unity is known as Dhyana. Being aware of it is meditation.
  • Some people think of meditation as yoga, but let us tell you that there is a big difference between the two.  Yoga is an exercise of the body and meditation is an exercise of the mind. Meditation is the act of meditating with concentration, with the goal of bringing man spiritual peace.
  • An action in which the goal is to bring one's thoughts and feelings up into a certain state of consciousness is called meditation. It can range from giving peace to our mind to creating inner energy or life-force, which brings positivity and happiness in our life. With the help of this, any person can achieve his goal by focusing his attention on his purpose. The practice of meditation has not come recently, but people have been using it since time immemorial to increase peace and concentration.

 Meaning of meditation

Meditation does not mean concentration. Meditation is like a bulb that emits light in all four directions, as opposed to concentration, which is like the spot light of a torch. People's attention spans can be very short, but yogis' meditation is like the sun's light, which catches everything in the universe.

 Action is not meditation:

Many people mistake meditation for activities like Sudarshan Kriya, Transcendental Meditation Kriya and Sahaja Yoga Meditation.  On the other hand, the mistake of considering the method as meditation is being made.

 Many saints, gurus or mahatmas suggest various revolutionary methods of meditation, but they do not tell that there is a difference between action and meditation. Action and meditation are two different things. Action means, not an end.  Action is a tool.  Action is like a broom.

Meditation is not sitting with your eyes closed. Remembering an idol is also not meditation. Chanting the rosary is also not meditation.  It is often said that meditate on God for five minutes - this is also not meditation, it is remembrance.  Meditation is freedom from actions.  Freedom from thoughts. 

 Form of Meditation:

Innumerable imaginations and thoughts keep running in our mind simultaneously.  Due to this, there remains a commotion in the mind. We don't want to, but it's unavoidable.You are constantly making yourself less and less weak by thinking.  Meditation is to remove unnecessary imagination and thoughts from the mind and move into pure and serene silence.

 As the meditation deepens, one becomes situated in the witnessing sense.  Not even a moment of any emotion, imagination and thoughts has any effect on him.  The primary form of meditation is the silence of the mind and mind.  Thought, imagination and living in the pleasures and pains of the past is against meditation.

 In meditation, the senses begin to merge with the mind, the mind with the intellect and the intellect in its own form, the soul.  Those who do not understand the sense of witness or sight, they should initially practice meditation with their eyes closed.  Then after increasing the practice, whether the eyes are closed or open, the seeker remains connected with his nature and finally he can remain in the state of meditation even while doing some work by being in the state of witnessing.

Types of meditation

Although there are many types of meditation, but here we are going to tell you about some of the main types of meditation -

1. Mindfulness meditation

Westerners prefer mindfulness meditation, which was developed from Buddhist teachings. This type of meditation is done to create self-awareness.  After doing this the Kundli gets awakened and by this man feels himself connected with God.

2. Vipassana Meditation -

Through this type of meditation, a person moves himself from negativity to positivity. This is by far the most important meditation technique available to us today. This creates a feeling of more satisfaction in your mind about life. By doing this, mental development happens faster. Breath is used in this process. Vipassana Meditation is more beneficial for those people who are confused all the time or who have no one to guide them.

3. Tratak meditation -

Tratak, also known as focused meditation, attempts to bring concentration using any one of the five senses. While doing this process, the focus is on the focus point of the lamp, candle or lamp. By doing this, there is a special effect on the visual sense. By meditating in this way, the ability to concentrate increases.

4. Third Eye Meditation -

Yes, you are right, we are talking about meditation to awaken the third eye. Like Lord Shiva, each of us has the third eye but it is not visible. Man's third eye works when his mind is calm and his mind is stable. This happens only when he is in a meditative state. The third eye of a person is the center of their energy power. The main purpose of doing this meditation is to infuse enough energy in the body while awakening that third eye.

How to do meditation? 

Meditation is only beneficial if it is practised in the proper manner. In both the physical and mental sense, it will bring you peace and good health. Here we are telling you the easiest way to do meditation. Let us tell you that there are many methods of meditation, which are done in different ways. If you are doing any special kind of meditation, then it is better that you take training from an experienced trainer.

Let us know, about the easiest method of meditation -

 1. Choose a convenient time -

 Meditation is really a time for relaxation, so do it according to your convenience. You should choose a time when you are alone and not in a hurry. Sunrise and sunset times, when nature turns into day and night, are the most ideal times to practice meditation.

 2. Choose a quiet place.

 Choose a convenient place with a convenient time where no one can disturb you.  The calm and peaceful environment makes the meditation experience more blissful and relaxing.

 3. Sit comfortably -

 It is very necessary to sit pleasantly and still during meditation.  While meditating, sit straight and keep your spine straight, relax your shoulders and neck, and keep your eyes closed throughout the process.  While meditating, you can sit comfortably in a quadrilateral (alti-palti), there is no need to sit in Padmasana.

 4. Keep the stomach empty -

 Time before meals is good for meditation.  You may feel sleepy after a meal.  Don't try too hard to meditate when you are very hungry.  You will find it difficult to do this because of the hunger spasms and you may only think about food the whole time.  In such a situation, you can meditate two hours after the meal.

 5. Start it with warm-up-

 Doing a brief warm-up or subtle yoga before meditation improves your blood circulation, removes inertia and restlessness and gives a feeling of lightness in the body.  With this, you can sit for more time with stability.

6. Take some long deep breaths -

 Before meditation, it is good to take deep breaths and exhale and do Nadi Shodhana Pranayama.  This stabilizes the rhythm of the breath and the mind goes into a peaceful meditative state.

7. Keep a kind or appealing smile on your face -

 Bringing a gentle smile on your face will make you feel the difference in yourself. As you meditate, keep a gentle smile on your face. It will make you feel calm and at ease, as well as relaxed.

8. Slowly open your eyes gently -

Remember to take your time when opening your eyes after meditating. On opening the eyes, the mind starts running towards external things, so after meditation, slowly open the eyes.  Take time to become aware of yourself and the environment.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation is a process of attaining relaxation. We can complete any task with concentration and interest if we meditate. Meditation is a process that can help you solve a variety of problems in your life.

So let's know about the benefits of doing meditation -

Release stress -

Such experts also believe that meditating on a daily basis improves mental health. It helps to alleviate mental stress, anxiety, fear, and inferiority complexes. Meditation revitalises our body and mind by reducing stress and resolving issues such as hormonal imbalance.

Feeling happy -

Meditation gradually brings the habit of anger under control, resulting in a happy mind that is free of stress. You can maintain control over almost every emotion you have by meditating on a daily basis. This creates a positive and upbeat environment around you.

 Immaculate and glowing skin -

Meditation regulates your body's cells and senses, relaxes your muscles, and activates our bodies by producing new skin cells. It relieves stress and eliminates the problem of wrinkles on the face. This results in glowing, spotless skin.
Maintains blood pressure control
The most significant health benefit of meditation is that it lowers blood pressure, which improves our physical health. Meditation can be used as a tonic for high blood pressure.

Beneficial in mental health

 Every other person in today's mundane life is mentally disturbed. Our mind, far from being focused, is incapable of remaining satisfied. The mind is always in turmoil. There is no better way to calm the mind than meditation in such a situation. The benefits of meditation for the body are numerous; it aids in stress reduction and relaxation of the mind.

Helpful in increasing memory

If our brain does not receive certain nutrients, it begins to deteriorate, and our memory suffers as a result. Meditation is a panacea for avoiding this problem. Meditation has numerous health benefits. By meditating on a regular basis, you increase the circulation of blood in your body as well as the circulation of blood in your brain, which keeps your mind healthy and improves your memory.

Effective in breaking bad habits

Yes, no matter what the addiction is, it can be easily overcome with the assistance of meditation. Meditation has numerous health benefits. Meditation strengthens willpower and boosts self-esteem. This allows you to control and overcome negative emotions, habits, and cravings.

Increase in concentration

Meditation has been shown in numerous studies to increase concentration. You can easily complete a monotonous task in a fun way in a short amount of time by performing this action.

Precautions while meditating

So let's know what precautions we have to keep in mind while meditating -
  1. While meditating, keep your breath under control. Do not reduce and accelerate suddenly.
  2. It would be better if you always do meditation wearing loose clothes.
  3. The best time to meditate is before sunrise and before dinner.
  4. Do not rush to end the meditation, it should come to normalcy gradually.
  5. If you want, you can also keep some fragrant flowers and incense or incense sticks during meditation.
  6. Try that your stomach is empty during meditation.
  7. During meditation, your spine should be straight, shoulders should be straight and chest should be out.

Some meditation-related questions and answers.

Can meditation be done at home without a trainer?

Yes, of course you can do meditation at home without any trainer.  To start meditation at home, you need a peaceful and clean room.  Keep your spine straight, without putting pressure on the body, sit straight on the ground with a quartet and meditate with a concentrated mind.

There are vibrations in the body when meditating, what to do?

Tremors or tremors in the body are a sign that you are not meditating properly.  Actually, the energy which is awakened during meditation, if not on Sahasraat, then it starts traveling in your body and you start feeling tremors.  That is why it is important that when you start meditating, you should balance your breathing before that.

Are there any disadvantages of doing meditation?

Although there are many benefits of meditating, science offers both perspectives.  Critics of meditation have also pointed out many of its disadvantages, one of which writes in Joiner's book that meditation or meditation is nothing more than motivating people to run away from the world.  People consider it as a way to break free from isolation.

What is the best time to do meditation?

There is no such specific rule or restriction regarding meditation.  Meditation can be done at any time.  However, if you meditate early in the morning or late at night, then it will prove to be better for any other time.  Actually, the noise in the morning and at night is low or non-existent.

Some best meditation music 

Meditation music - meditation music is a music that is played to help people meditate. It can have a religious theme to it.

List of meditation music 


  1. Om chanting
  2. Shiv shiv instrumental 
  3. Relaxing in forest - by dhruva
  4. Flow of water - by raam 
  5. Relaxing with nature - by ram 
  6. Deep breath - by dhruva 
  7. Samaadhi -ultimate bliss - by tony scott
  8. Ocean - by ram
  9. Beyond paradise instrumental theme song - by gaurav issar & shailesh rao
  10. Rain-falling - by ram
  11. Horizon - by karunesh
  12. Heaven - by ram

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